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Communicate, Coordinate, Prepare & Send

"A freight forwarder is appointed to communicate, coordinate, prepare & send documents accepted by the seller, buyer & other relevant authorizes (customs/banks). The job does not end there - they are also legally obligated to ensure that the correct documents are collected from customers & stored securely".

Data entry services therefore can be time consuming and challenging which is why you need industry specialists like us. Our data solutions and capabilities enable our clients to Free time off your work force so the focus shifts to more critical aspects of the business.

How do you do this?

High customer demands and increasing expectations from the same can exert tremendous pressure on your business and your staff, but by outsourcing certain tasks, teams can re-align their priorities whilst continuing to maintain accountability, improving efficiencies & reducing cost in the long run!

The tasks that are being outsourced to offshore locations are:

  • Accounts payables
  • Accounts receivables
  • Shipping documents
  • Logistics data
  • Book data entry
  • Milestone Management
  • Freight Forwarding Documentations (MAWB,HAWB,HBL,MBL etc.,)
  • Help Desk

How do we do this for you?

Our team is made of freight forwarders, accountants & IT professionals from the supply chain industry. With years of experience working with logistic companies, we understand the importance of being proactive when resolving communication gaps which is generally faced when dealing with an outsourced company.

IT Outsourcing study showed over three-quarters of the Global 1000 companies plan to increase their use of IT outsourcing, with software outsourcing being a large portion. Although software outsourcing holds a lot of promise for businesses today, organizations often struggle with the complexity that outsourcing can bring.

SFL experience in automation in Freight forwarding will allow you to run a lean & customer focused team whilst at the same time have a partner who will act as your extended arm to simplify & deliver a higher level of service to internal & external customers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry jobs to SFL

Justifying change is a challenge & in most cases Cost is the single most important factor that has influence.

80% of a traditional freight forwarding companies costs are wages & in most cases we think that it is at least 20% higher than it should be due to inefficiencies. The bigger problem however is how many people this money is spread across.

The larger the workforce, the more add on cost save built to sustain it and following are some examples:

  • Rent & Electricity: is proportionately increased based on the number of people in an organization.
  • Administration: Bigger HR Teams & more advanced HR software are required to manage the workforce.
  • Accountability/Output: reduces when there are more people in a team due to complacency & increases the chances of conflict amongst colleagues.
  • Wastage: Printing, Stationary & documentation storage costs get easily out of control.
  • Licensing: more software licenses for a large work force.

We at SFL are able to assist with a more in-depth analysis on the savings that it can bring during the course of the implementation.

Adam Smith suggested that in theory managers and key decision makers should focus on perfecting there core competencies, and hire other firms with their own core competencies to perform other tasks. Here, enters the concept of outsourcing In today's day and age where time is scarce, the theory of Adam Smith is probably more apt than ever. How can we help you?

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