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Drive Change

We are helping businesses grow by being their partner in implementing connected logistics solutions. From implementing and optimizing usage of Cargowise software solutions to proprietary middleware and Hub technologies, the SFL group is a change enabler. Our capabilities span geographies with specialized companies in Africa and Latin America, as well as service capabilities in North America, Asia and the Pacific. We work with your organization to drive performance and change through a continuous effort in training, development and optimization.

End-to-end technology

solutions to fit your needs

A range of services through our SFL Proprietary Middleware, to cater to your business’s evolving needs - from analytics to development to re-structuring and and implementation.

Through innovative custom software development that’s suitable for the highly complex logistics industry, we help you differentiate your company from the rest more data visibility and control, you’re able to increase efficiency and make informed decisions.
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Around the world

We bring together freight companies on to one platform - Cargowise One to maximise your investments, help develop strategic partnerships, and drive collaboration for your business growth.

From developing sales through member CRM functionalities to transparency on shipments to proactive security within the IT applications, with SFL you’re able to truly harness the power of the Cargowise One platform.
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Design Thinking

At SFL, we developed a specialist team to ensure focus on driving logistics knowledge through content and creativity. Our Logivity team - with close to a decade of experience - uses a design led approach backed by rigorous research to help transform your business into an efficient, organised and cutting-edge one.

This innovative approach allows businesses to engage in effective communications and instantaneously access information and tools to provide your clients with a truly transparent, connected logistics solution. Using web, mobile, social and artificial intelligence technology, Logivity will work with you to cement your position as a Digital Logistics Provider.