At Soft Freight Logic, we understand the vastness of the freight and logistics industries and the need to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions which tackle all aspects of their operations. Our complete service list is tailored to ensure that our clients are not merely provided with software to streamline their processes, but also with the technical knowledge required in order to maintain and utilize our solutions to their fullest potential.

INTEGRATEWe seamlessly merge systems with our specialized middleware to create an efficient and streamlined platform.


CargoWise has a very strong integration capability & we have developed our integration capabilities by custom building our own middleware exclusively to connect CW One to other applications.

Our proprietary middleware works in both directions, pulling data from 3rd party applications as well as pushing data into 3rd party applications.




To ensure that your data is secure
we have taken the following measures:

  • Hosted on Amazon Servers
  • Automatic transfer of files on completion of mapping
  • No files saved on the server
  • No backups taken
  • A log to audit/track file transfers
  • Undergoing ISO 27001 certification
Group 680

E2E vs SFL Middleware

  1. E2E – inbuilt by WTG into CW One.
  2. E2E is used by CW customers to electornically transfer shipment
  3. SFL Middleware – External application that uses CW E-Adaptor
    facility to transfer data between CW to 3rd Party ERP & also
    CW to CW.
  4. SFL Middleware – built with a SOAP e-adaptor
    – i.e allows for large data flows.
  5. Both E2E & SFL middleware uses XMLs to transfer data. Difference
    is that E2E send the file through inbuilt Adaptors. SFL Middleware
    sends the file to an external server to be held & extracted.
  6. SFL middleware allows customers to get output in any format
    required by there other stake holders.
  7. E2E is limited to operational information.
  8. SFL middleware allows Finance data transfer