SFL Network A community of high-performance logistics businesses that believe in connectivity improving quality.

SFL is excited to announce that development of a freight network is underway. SFL Network will be a portal for our technology partners and other Cargowise users to do business with each other via their common denominator, CargoWise One.


SFL's proprietary adaptor technology will seamlessly connect members’ CargoWise One systems to each other. The resulting virtual network will allow members to achieve unparalleled efficiency and transparency, leading to more cost-effective operations, better customer service and increased profitability.

Non-CargoWise users may still join the network via SFL’s adapter technology.

Salient Features of SFL-N

A single platform between partners bringing efficiency & transparency at all levels

  • Reduced email traffic – conversion of bookings online, instead of multiple emails between partners.
  • No duplication of data entry, potentially reducing staff overheads.
  • Transparency on milestones throughout the shipment process.
  • Visibility of financials on each job.
  • Agreed credit control systems between members.
  • Updated contact directories of members.
  • Members that maintain online tariffs can publish rates for members to access.
  • Sales lead development & joint sales programs using CW’s CRM & lead management functionality – Provide a database of potential targets to members at a fee.

Payment Protection

  • Only strictly vetted and approved businesses will be invited to network, based on relative product strengths – air, ocean etc.
  • Payment Protection Plan.
  • Members to provide bank guarantees to ensure security.
  • Implementation of credit control mechanisms between members.
  • Independent dispute management and resolution.
  • Screening/profiling of members – interested Trade Lanes, sales force strength etc.
  • Members will have accreditation to FIATA/IATA & other reputed industry bodies to ensure quality and reliability.

Reduced bank charges between members using the "Netting" system

  • Netting of AR/AP in the same system allows a minimization of bank charges and exchange losses.
  • Preliminary investigations underway regarding the use of modern Fin-Tech products that will allow easier remittances and payment settlement.

Discounted pricing on Cargo Wise Service Partner products

  • Health Checks.
  • Advanced feature implementations - Workflow Implementation/Global Tracking/Exception report.
  • Business Process Outsourcing – operational data, tariffs, database management.
  • E-Adaptor integrations.
  • Report writing.
  • Cargo wise related training – Operational & Finance.

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