Supply Chain Consultancy Soft Freight Logic is a technology & consultancy company exclusive for the supply chain industry.

Domain knowledge in various areas of the Supply Chain cumulating over 50 years.

Specialization in Freight Forwarding, Customs, Domestic Trucking, Warehouse Management & Finance.

Centralizing tasks for organizations having multiple offices – improves compliance & reduces costs.

Creating KPIs to improve efficiency & increase revenues.

Workshops for Technical, Operational & Financial Training.

Guidance on regulations for setting up an operation in India.

Our Expert Consultants

Ikraam Reyaz

Chief Executive Officer

Having worked for customers in fashion, automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals & chemicals “whatever the product maybe, the common goal is to create an efficient supply chain that delivers on time.

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Raja Ratandeep

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Having worked for companies in transportation, courier, freight forwarding & customs clearance “ the common requirement from a financial aspect is to ensure that results are accurately measured.

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