Proprietary Blueprinting Methodology for the Fastest Implementation in the Industry

Partner Right

Go live on CargoWise One within 30, 60 or 90 days with our Proprietary methodology.

We Walk the Talk.

We have worked with logistics companies of all sizes across the world.

Our Accreditations Work For You.

Over 18 CargoWise One Certified Professional and 40 support staff handling implementations in over 37 countries for 70+ customers.

Build For Your Needs.

Our Blueprinting, Set Up, Testing & Training is custom built.

Leverage Global.

Our team is located regionally in every key country we service.

Speak Your Language.

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Dutch, Afrikaans, Hindi, Bengali and Sinhalese.

Freight Knowledge, Transferred.

As ex-freight forwarders, we perfectly calibrate systems to the ins and outs of International and Domestic Freight & Warehousing.

Support Around the Clock.

24/7 365 days so you can keep running.

Special Pricing Package.

Unlike our competition, we charge a flat rate, not hourly fees.

Migrate. Hassle-Free.

Enjoy hassle-free migration from your legacy system to CargoWise One.

Find out how we use our propriety methodology.

Successfully implement CW1, train your staff, save time, reduce costs, and provide around the clock support

" We were worried how we would implement CargoWise across all our branches given the distance between our offices and the diversity of our staff in each office. There knowledge on local taxation in particular GST has helped us configure our system to be 100% GST compliant. SFL has made this mammoth implementation an easy one for us and they continue to provide us with timely support."


Schedule At Your Convenience.

Book a 60 minute blueprinting consultation with our team and get a customized Report valued at $350 for Free.

Right Fit. Smart Investment.

After your consultation, we’ll provide you with a report created for your business providing:

- An in-depth mapping of your requirements.
- Blueprint outline created especially for your business.
- The next steps you need to implement CargoWise One in your business and train your staff.

Business Process Automations

Realigning Business Processes One Project at a Time

Get Up To Date With Project Consulting

Maximize use and up-skill your workforce to get greater return out of your investment. Implementation and Consulting for Individual Projects enabling process upgrades or new module usage. Utilize all CargoWise One’s automation functionalities and the latest improvements configured with best practices.

Dust the Cobwebs.

Get optimal performance. Correctly configured systems benefit from an upgrade to new functionalities with dedicated training and upskilling of staff, so performance is at its peak.

Every Penny Spent, Maximized.

Consult with our projects team to utilize every part of CargoWise One’s functionality or add on single system features. Choose from over 22 automations.

Tailored Projects for the Best Fit.

Automate only the components your business requires and save from having to pay for automations not applicable to your operations.

Upskill Your Workforce.

We will help upskill your team with one-on-one live training on the projects. Upgrade Systems and upskill teams to solve issues within your company. Module usage begins right from go live.

Rewind. Review. Repeat.

Once your project is implemented, we will send you a copy of your learning session. Access your personalized training session time and review it for refreshers.

Benefits for Less

You will get all the expertise and multilingual capabilities of our Implementations and Training Service but, at the cost of the individual projects you require.

Unparalleled Business Productivity.

We will support you at every automation and be your 24/7 strategic guide towards business productivity by creating Standard Operating Procedures pertinent to your country of operations.

Customize your Projects

Modules for businesses expanding to new verticals, automating departments or adding system capabilities.

Freight Forwarding

Land Transport



Transport Warehousing

PO Management

Linear and Agency




Wise Rates

Rates & Tariffs

Security Rights

Finance Foundations

Business Foundations

Organization Masters

E-Doc Management

Global Credit Control

Pick Your Project.

GAP Analysis for Legacy CargoWise One Users

Read Case Study

Status Report: Project Business Process Optimization

An in-depth mapping of your project or realignment requirements. Information on how to choose the best automations suited to your business. The next steps you need to implement a project or reconfigure your business.

Advanced Workflows & PAVE

Humanising automation to consider your business culture, industry requirements and reduce cost.

The Future. Now.

Automation that considers your business culture, industry requirements and reduces cost. Create lifetime bottom-line increase. Leverage our combined logistics knowledge of 130 years to add the actions and controls for increased profitability, reduced operating costs and improved business processes.

Continuity. Through Force Majeure

Ensure business continuity on-site or remotely to enable your team to work anywhere so you can keep the world stocked.

Reduce Costs by Improving Productivity.

Configure your automations to increase throughput, reduce operating costs and manage exceptions.

Customer Experience Beyond Service.

Set your automations to standardize your company’s level of service and reduce errors for greater customer experiences.

Eyes on Staff.

Gain real time access to staff performance, allocate work, and follow up all from your screen to ensure your staff are meeting their KPIs.

Exception Management. Not Crisis Response.

Update your customers with more than supply chain visibility and enable them to be prepared well in advance with exception management.

Size Up or Size Down.

Whether your company is big or small, we have successfully implemented Advanced Workflows and PAVE for companies with 50 to 1000 staff.

Get the Best Out of the Best.

We have implemented Advanced Workflows and PAVE to a Top 100 Global Freight Forwarder. With our Platinum Accreditation for CargoWise Workflow Module, we have automated some of the biggest companies in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Humanized Automation.

With our industry knowledge, system expertise, local awareness, and native language skills we will ensure business processes are humanized at every step of the automation journey.

Expertise, Demonstrated.

We have worked with logistics companies of all sizes across the world. Our case studies demonstrate how.

Schedule Your Automation.

Book a 60 minute blueprinting consultation with our team and get a customized Report valued at $350 for Free.

Smart Investment. Lifetime Benefits.

After your consultation, we’ll provide you with a report created for your business providing:

- An in-depth mapping of your business requirements to implement Advanced Workflow and PAVE Information.
- How you can automate to save cost & improve business processes.
- The next steps you need to get Advanced Workflows and PAVE live on your CargoWise System.


100% ticket resolution, guaranteed! Or your money back.

Know What to Use and When.

We will guide you on the documents you need to successfully run your business and customize them to your requirements.

Branding Power

Strengthen your companies branding and differentiate your business from competition with one of your most frequently viewed touch points; reports and documents shared to clients.

Undo Boring

Transform your reports from boring black and white yields into visually capturing and informative ones. Guide decision making and update your clients with the metrics relevant to their business.


We customize reports in every language our team speaks. We have already created plenty in Spanish, Italian and Vietnamese. We will map the fields, so your translations are always accurate.

Reporting Success.

With over 300+ reports in different modules on CargoWise, it can be difficult to sort and apply the fields necessary to make your reporting successful. We will merge required fields, create new codes or fields, and provide you with macro or micro figures in a single report.

Schedule Your Booking.

Book a 60 minute blueprinting consultation with our team and get a customized Report valued at $350 for Free.

Smart Investment. Lifetime Benefits.