White Label Solution built exclusively for CargoWise that simplifies your Supply Chain operations, so your business can grow stronger.

Web Tracker.

We'll help customize the CW Web tracker to reflect your company's branding

Streamline processes.

Your customers can place orders, view shipment schedules and generate quotations and make their own bookings.

Real-time shipment tracking.

Customers can get real time information about their shipments through milestones event updates.

Simplify functional use.

Customize the webtracker to your preference! Remove fields, enhance navigation, customize how milestones are displayed.

Visibility Tools

SFL Insights White Label Mobile & Web Application Solutions.

Pocket Sized Forwarding Data.

Give your clients shipment visibility, on all 4 modes with milestone tracking and document viewing any-time from any device. Add, view, select, share and download multiple documents with ease.

Business Intelligent & Analytics.

Data Analytics functionality to provide business intelligence into your clients' supply chain. Clients get access to a comprehensive dashboard and can filter their searches based on all 4 modes, container types, ETA, and ETD.

Notifications for Exception Management.

The app will colour code notifications in red when something has gone wrong so your clients can focus on managing exceptions instead of only tracking shipment location.

PO Management and Statement of Accounts.

Connected to CargoWise PO Management module. Buyers can create new orders, shippers can approve the order, and agents can create shipping plans! Your clients' can view, upload, and download invoices and manage Statements of Accounts.

Web Tracker

Augment Webtracker to create a branded digital tool with full control of data visibility to your customer to view, book and track their shipments. An on-brand redesign and UI simplification of CargoWise One’s Webtracker to provide improved customer experience and ease-of-use.

Differentiate from the Competition.

Our team will custom-design Cargo Wise’s Web tracker functionality to make it look uniquely yours. Choose from field colors to design and style colors. Your brand. Your client requirements. Your tool.

Delight Clients.

Improve customer experience by providing your alients with a single portal to book, view and track their shipments all from the ease of a computer.

Web Tracker Success Stories.

We have helped big and small businesses automate and improve their bottom line. Our case studies demonstrate how.

"SFL was a great partner that worked quickly and effectively to help implement a much needed module within CargoWise One. Even with the time difference between our companies, they were responsive and thoughtful of our time. We appreciate the effort and collaborative teamwork they provided through our implementation process. We would very highly recommend SFL to anyone looking for professional services and support on Cargowise One."


Book Your Session.

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Digital Elevation.

We have customized Web tracker to provide logistics providers the tools case studies demonstrate how.