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Speak to us to find out how we can implement the CargoWise One ERP used by the world’s top 50 forwarders.


Our team is the only Indian Business Partner performing in-house implementations and selling CargoWise One license in India.

Consultative Selling.

We will use our know how to provide you with an on-boarding and support experience that

Local Presence.

We have the biggest presence in India covering three major metros of Delhi, Chennai

" It was a pleasure to work with the SFL team, from upper management to the graphics and training team. The company has specific departments of expertise where you do not need to seek help elsewhere, even beyond the scope of we hired them to do. Good understanding of what is required, good understanding of best practices, flexible enough to accommodate our multi country implementation. SFL is the real STUFF!!"


Our partnership with CargoX means we can help you can use blockchain solutions to provide the most secure, confidential document transfer mechanism available, in your business operations


Single source of tamper proof transfer for over 30 Document types.

Cost Effective

Save on courier fees by sending documents digitally rather than shipping paper around the globe.

User Friendly

Infinitely more secure than email but as simple as sending and email.

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