Why pay for the entire software but only use a fraction of it? Increase your system utilization with the purpose of fully utilizing the software and its capabilities for the greatest ROI.

Web Tracker

Augment Webtracker to create a branded digital tool with full control of data visibility to your customer to view, book and track their shipments. An on-brand redesign and UI simplification of CargoWise One’s Webtracker to provide improved customer experience and ease-of-use.

Differentiate from the Competition.

Our team will custom-design Cargo Wise’s Web tracker functionality to make it look uniquely yours. Choose from field colors to design and style colors. Your brand. Your client requirements. Your tool.

Delight Clients.

Improve customer experience by providing your clients with a single portal to book, view and track their shipments all from the ease of a computer.

Web Tracker Success Stories.

We have helped big and small businesses automate and improve their bottom line. Our case studies demonstrate how.

"SFL was a great partner that worked quickly and effectively to help implement a much needed module within CargoWise One. Even with the time difference between our companies, they were responsive and thoughtful of our time. We appreciate the effort and collaborative teamwork they provided through our implementation process. We would very highly recommend SFL to anyone looking for professional services and support on Cargowise One."


Book Your Session.

Book a 60-minute consultation with our team and get a demo of how we can customize Web tracker for your business

Digital Elevation.

We have customized Web tracker to provide logistics providers the tools case studies demonstrate how.

Business Process Offshoring

CargoWise certified professionals completely remove data entry from admin, operations, customs and finance modules with the power of Ai such as Robotic Process Automation and Optical Character Recognition.

Robotic Automation

Increase your profits threefold with our automated BPO solution. We integrate robotics to data entry and advise you on the latest technology to it your budget and find you the best solutions.

Human Expertise, Robotic Automation.

Introduce automations to your offshoring process. We utilize Robotic Process Automation and OCR process with human expertise to program robotic intelligence, so your work is completed fast and error free.

Our Team is Your Team.

CargoWise certified professionals will ensure accuracy of data entry at above industry speed and reduce your operating costs by more than half. We will handle your data entry so you can focus on your business.

Admin, Operations & Finance Automated.

Create master data, enter rates, update tariffs, create job files and handle invoices. Its data entry minus the work. And time. Hand it to us. We will populate your data into Cargowise.

No Days Off.

Our support team of 40 professionals will ensure your offshoring does not experience any downtime from holidays, unplanned emergencies, or staff departures.

Uncompromising Quality.

Located in India, the home of some of the world’s biggest tech talents enables us to harness the power of local technical expertise at unbeatable savings to you.

Keep Shareholders & Employees Happy

Offshoring with us prevents you from adding more staff to your payroll. Maintain a healthy bottom line and improve staff satisfaction by giving your team the time to invest in themselves and problem solve for your business.

BPO Success Stories.

We have helped big and small businesses automate and improve their bottom line. Our case studies demonstrate how.

" It was a pleasure to work with the SFL team, from upper management to the graphics and training team. The company has specific departments of expertise where you do not need to seek help elsewhere, even beyond the scope of we hired them to do. Good understanding of what is required, good understanding of best practices, flexible enough to accommodate our multi country implementation. SFL is the real STUFF!!"


Schedule Your Offshoring.

Book a 60-minute consultation with our team and get a demo of our robotic automation processes.

Grow Bigger. With Less.

After your consultation, we will provide you with a report created for your business providing:

- An in-depth mapping of your requirements.
- An offshoring outline created especially for your business.
- The next steps you need to get grow your business without having to worry about overheads adding up.


Integrate your CargoWise One software with third-party applications for seamless data transfer. Our proprietary middleware is secured by Amazon Cloud Services and creates the foundation for integrating third-party software around finance, warehousing, operations, customs, and statutory compliance.
  • 35+

  • Number of Integrations

  • 150K

  • Number of Transactions

Connecting Systems

Integrate third party applications with Cargowise while retaining data security.

Harness the Power of Cargowise One

Integrate your CargoWise One software with third party software using our proprietary middleware secured by Amazon Cloud Servers.

Platinum Integrations

With Platinum accreditation in Integrations awarded to us by WiseTech Global, our team’s specialist skills are backed by Cargowise.

Data Transfer, Simplified.

Connect third party applications to your CargoWise One software for seamless data flow.

Secure Data

You do not have to worry about data leaks or security with automatic transfer of files on completion of mapping. We do not store your data.

Hassle Free Vendor Support.

Guaranteed support and communication with your third-party application vendor, to complete the integration fast.

Connecting the Best Brands in the World.

We have supported some of the world’s biggest multinational corporations in integrating their third-party applications around finance, operations, customs and statutory compliance successfully.

Don't Break The Bank.

Technology should be adaptable to all and we are guided by the principal that quality technology and service should be provided at a cost that is scaled to the size of business requirements.

Successful Integrations Demonstrated.

" We are happy to have found Soft Freight Logic and we are very satisfied with the services they have provided as our offshore development partner. Soft Freight Logic developed a great understanding of our operational workflows and more importantly our vision, and found ways to complement our operations without any discontinuities or disruption on our side"


Let The Integration Begin.

Book a 30 minute integration consultation with our team and get a customized Report valued at $350 for Free.

Single Integration. Unrivalled Ease.

After your consultation, we’ll provide you with a report created for your business providing:

- An in-depth mapping of your business requirements to implement a third-party software.
- Information on how you can integrate to save cost & improve business processes.
- The next steps you need to integrate third party software to your Cargowise One System.