White Label Solution built exclusively for CargoWise that simplifies your operations, so your business can grow stronger.

Mobile/Web App

Power your business from your pocket.

Secured Network

Powered by AWS on the cloud.

Unified Database

Your existing CargoWise One clients need only their existing ID.


Go live fast. All ourVisibility Tools have been tried and tested on us before going live to market.

Go Live Fast.

Go live in 30Days or less.

24/7 Support.

Our dedicated customer service team provides around the clock support.

No Maintenance.

No IT team or technical knowledge required. We will handle all the maintenance for optimal performance.


We provide customer experiences that are unrivalled in the industry. Use our software to outperform your competitors and stand your ground as a digital forwarder.

Built for Your Customers.

Portray your commitment to services by demonstrating in client facing tools.


With software powering your business, improve productivity and customer experience.

Global Software Standards.

We use the best technology to provide you with software that is intuitive and easy to use.

Software Solutions

Mobile/Web Application

Pocket Sized Forwarding Data.

Give your clients shipment visibility, milestone tracking and document viewing they can access any-time from any device.

The Power of CargoWise on the Go.

All your Cargowise milestones and shipment updates created in an easy to view, mobile & web application with great UI/UX.

White Label Solution.

Branding that reflects your identity. The design will be customized to suit your brand guidelines with changeable splash screens, illustrations, icons, background strips and colours.

Your Milestones.

Display milestones relevant to your customers with gestures to make life easier. View shipment related information in detail so your clients can plan their business operations with ease.

Tracking and Sharing.

Easily track orders on a map or via reports. Know where and when your shipment is going before it reaches the destination. Download and share shipment reports anywhere, anytime.

All Your Documents.

Add, view, select, share and download multiple documents with ease. Filter and sort documents with familiar gestures for a smoother, faster user experience.

Notifications for Exception Management.

The app will colour code notifications in red when something has gone wrong so your clients can focus on managing exceptions instead of only tracking shipment location.

Customer Solutions for Success.

Demonstrate your commitment to innovation and improved client service levels. A mobile app for your clients tells them you are investing in tools for them and are dedicated to their client experience. Winning you loyalty from existing clients and better/faster acquisition of new clients.

Updates for Improvement.

We are committed to frequent periodic updates that improve features and functionality guaranteed to bring more analytics, information, and collaboration in a mobile form factor.


Automate Your Data Entry into CargoWise

With CargoDoc, you no longer have to worry about manually entering data into CargoWise.

Unstructured data to structured data.

Cargodoc converts unstructured data found on the shipping documents into normalized structured data.

Extract data from Multiple languages.

Cargodoc has the ability to extract data in more than 50 languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Greek and German.

Digital Elevation.

Switch to CargoDoc and Automate your Data Entry today.

Robotic Process Automation (Robotic Process Automation)

AI automation for logistics that saves more than 24,000 USD annually at 3 x the speed of manual processes.

Workflow Automation.

100% automated rating and costing in CargoWise One through Robot Process Automation (Robotic Process Automation).

Rate visibility, Up to Date.

Provide real time quote updates for internal teams and on customer portals.

Live Viewing, Error Free.

Auto enter any rates into the CargoWise One system from the shipper, airline, or trucking company.

Plug & Play.

9 + Carrier rates preconfigured for speedy deployment.

Zero to Hundred in under 2 minutes.

Process hundreds of rate and tariffs updates in minutes, not hours as traditionally required.

Debtor Notification, Sans Human Intervention.

From identification to Scheduled CargoWise AR Aged Outstanding Daily/Weekly Transaction Report to your client’s inbox.

Our Robotic Process Automation Capabilities

Internal Operations:


Human Resources

IT Services


Administrative Services

Technology Enhancement:

System Integration

Enhanced System Functionality

Data Verification and Validation

Data Analytics & Reporting

Automated Data Reporting

Data Gathering and Cleansing

Data Mining

Performance Monitoring

A World of Possibilities

We have customized options to provide logistics providers the tools they need to compete digitally.

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